Solar Panel Cleaning Service

There are a number of Santa Clarita home and business owners installing solar panels in an effort to help harness a green source of power. However, in order for these panels to continue to perform efficiently they have to be cleaned regularly. Solar panel cleaning in Santa Clarita is recommended to keep solar panels working at peak efficiency producing the maximum amount of power and energy for your home or business.

Cleaning Solar Panels

It is not recommended that homeowners clean their own panels. There are several reasons for this. The first and most important is the fact that you are not qualified to do this. Chances are you would not install your own AC system or rewire your home therefore you should leave solar panel cleaning to the pros. Also, only certain products and methods should be used for cleaning these panels, or they may be damaged. If damage occurs, it can cost quite a bit to have them repaired or replaced.

It is essential that specialty, pure water be used to clean the panels. The minerals and other ingredients in well or tap water can actually damage the surface, causing the panels to not work as efficiently as before. In most cases, homeowners will not have access to this sort of water, which is why the professionals should be called for these services.

Removing Debris from Solar Panels

There are quite a few reasons that solar panels become dirty and less efficient. Some of the most common reasons that solar panels become dirty include:

  • Smog and other air pollutants
  • Debris from trees
  • Bird droppings
  • Dirt and dust

While some people think that the rain will wash away these issues, this is simply not the case, which is why professional solar panel cleaning should be sought.

Regular Cleaning Services

It is important to have your solar panels cleaned on a regular basis in order to ensure they remain efficient. While most homeowners can get by with cleaning once a year, if you live in an area like Agua Dulce and Acton that seems to be dustier than others, then bi-annual or quarterly to ensure any accumulated dust and dirt has been removed.

Solar panels are a smart investment. While they represent a significant cost initially, this is recouped over the life of the panels. However, if the panels are not cleaned on a regular basis, their efficiency can drop and make them an ineffective source of energy. For anyone in the Santa Clarita area looking for a way to keep their solar panels working efficiently, See Spot Go should be contacted. These professionals are trained and certified with the proper insurance to provide solar panel cleaning services. They understand what to do, how to do it and will ensure that the solar panels that are installed work efficiently.