Have you begun to notice your home is a bit draftier than before? Does moisture seem to accumulate on the glass panes of your windows, making it difficult to see out of? Are you wondering why the window is difficult to open? Each of these issues indicates a serious problem and one that needs to be addressed right away.

Understanding the most common issues with windows will help you know when professional service is necessary. Learn more about common window issues here.


Condensation on the Glass

If condensation is present on your windows, then this means that the house is not being properly ventilated, or that there is a high level of moisture in the home. In most cases, this is less of a window issue and more of a moisture problem, but the window will provide you with the telltale signs of an issue.

The moisture present will create frost or condensation on the windows. If left, this moisture can result in mildew, mold and rotting wood window sills.

In order to reduce the presence of condensation you will have to reduce the total moisture inside without causing the home to be excessively dry. When condensation begins to form, you can run bathroom fans, a dehumidifier or open a window for approximately 15 minutes per day to exchange the air inside for dryer air outside.

However, condensation can form on more than just the interior of the window. Other issues with condensation include:

  • Between the glass: This means one of the seals is deteriorating or failed allowing outside air to come in. In this case, the moisture failed panel should be replaced.
  • Between the glass inside the house: This is the sign of a gas leak. In some cases it can be repaired, but in other situations the window will have to be replaced.

Windows are Difficult to Close and Open

In most cases, this is an indication that the wood is swelling. If the windows swell when the air is damp or the humidity is high, it can make them difficult to open and close. If you have a casement window that is not opening and closing properly, it likely means that there are debris built up in the track of the window. In most cases, simply cleaning out the debris and adding lubricant will solve the problem.


Water Leaks around the Window

This occurs when the window is not closing tightly. Prior to seeking window repairs, you should ensure the window is locked, which will help to create a tighter seal. When it is raining hard, water may wind up in the track, which is when it will appear to leak. If the leak is occurring near the top of the window, this is likely an issue with the roof, siding or wall.


There are a number of issues that can occur when windows are in question. Keeping a close watch on them will help ensure that they work properly and efficiently. If you are concerned about your windows, or want to ensure they are in good repair, contact See Spot Go in Santa Clarita today.