double pane window consists of two panes of glass and a space in between. The air, which serves as a type of insulation, increases the window’s R value; however, it may also become fogged, especially if the unit is older or is exposed to excessive abuse from various natural elements.
Foggy glass occurs when the seal fails or become compromised in some way and moisture begins to seep through the barrier and into the space that is present between the glass. The seal failing can occur in a number of situations, including when there is too much heat present, causing the seal to expand or soften, or in colder temperatures, when the seal becomes hard and brittle.

After the seal fails and the fogging process begins, there is no practical method of repair. Essentially, the glass panes should be separated and cleaned thoroughly to remove the moisture and then they have to bre resealed. Also, the possibility of doing this without trapping any humidity is non-existant.

However, there are professionals who offer services for de-fogging a double pane window and reducing the need to replace it.

The most common ways to de-fog a double pane window is with tiny holes. Don’t worry, if fog is present, this means the seal is already shot so you are not going to cause any additional damage. These holes are no more than two millimeters in size and while the krypton or argon gas will dissipate, chances are it has done so long before the holes were created.

The most appealing part of window defoggers is that the process costs as much as 50 percent less than window replacement, which is a huge incentive for those who may not be ready to replace their windows.

It is important to find a company, such as See Spot Go in Santa Clarita, which has prior experience with this type of work. Defogging double pane glass is not extremely common, since most window companies will simply suggest that complete replacement makes more sense, but for those who want to keep their existing windows while getting rid of the presence of fog, de-fogging services are quite beneficial.

For more information about the de-fogging process for double pane windows in Santa Clarita, contact See Spot Go! today.